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Submissions :: New Madrid 11.1.08

New Madrid
Winter 2009

Theme Issue
Submission dates August 15 — November 1, 2008

“In keeping with its location in the Bible Belt, New Madrid will dedicate its Winter 2009 issue to the theme of “Intelligent Design.” We’reinterested in receiving submissions that address the legacy of Darwin, the impact of the evolution-vs.-creationism debate on the public schools, the cosmological argument, etc., provided they are literary in form and intent. The staff is also interested in receiving submissions of works that let their structures show for example, poems in received forms or nonce forms, and fiction and non-fiction utilizing unorthodox narrative devices (for example, frames within frames)—as well as in works that consider design issues from the perspective of other disciplines (for example, architecture, quilting, graphic arts, the natural sciences, etc.). Our hope is to reinvigorate the phrase “intelligent design” by approaching it from a multiplicity of angles.”

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