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Submissions :: Malahat Review 6.1.08

In 2008, to mark British Columbia’s sesquicentennial, The Malahat Review will devote its Winter issue to the Green Imagination. Focusing on creative approaches rather than on polemics and manifestos, this special issue aspires to place British Columbia—and the idea of British Columbia—at the ecological centre of the debate to showcase a variety of literary responses to questions such as:

“What is wilderness?”
“What is nature?”
“Is the natural world our adversary to be conquered and tamed, as Georgius Agricola argued in his 1556 “Defense of Mining the Earth’”
“Are we stewards of it, as P.K. Page suggests in her 1994 poem ‘Planet Earth’?”
“Are we an integral part of the natural world,” as Don McKay and Chief Dan George contend?
“What is the relationship between language and nature?”
“What is nature writing?”

Writers — B.C. residents and non-residents alike (i.e. true residents of the B.C. of the mind) — may widely interpret the theme of “B.C. and the Green Imagination.”

No restrictions as to form or approach apply: submissions of poetry, fiction, personal essay, memoir, cultural criticism, nature writing, literary journalism, and book reviews of relevant texts are welcome.

An honorarium of $40 per page will be paid for all accepted work.

Deadline: June 1, 2008 (postmark date)

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