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Submissions :: Fungi-Inspired Poetry Anthology 5.1.08

From Kelly Chadwick:

Decomposition is an anthology of fungi inspired poetry. The idea came from the confluence of my passion for the study of mushrooms and my partner Renee’s passion for poetry. When she was at EWU, getting her degree in creative writing, we would occasionally come by poems relating to mushrooms. I realized poetry was the perfect medium to touch upon the complex, enigmatic, and magical kingdom of fungi. Sam Ligon, Professor of Creative Writing at EWU and managing editor of Willow Springs was also excited by the project and joined us.

Currently this sort of text does not exist, though poets from W. S. Merwin to Sylvia Plath to Yusef Komunyakaa to Emily Dickinson have all explored fungi in their poetry.

We’ve recently begun soliciting work for this anthology, and have been fortunate to receive strong poems from Gary Snyder, Nance Van Winckel, Alberto Rios, Robert Wrigley, Robert Bly, Gerald Stern, Jim Daniels, Marvin Bell, and Richard Wilbur amongst others. Because we want Decomposition to explore a broad spectrum of human response to fungi, there are no restrictions regarding poetic form or content.

The community of mushroom aficionados and curious sideliners is eager to experience fungi in ways other than through the myopic extremes of scientific minutia or kitschy recipes and goofy crafts. Decomposition will present material relevant to the spirit of mushrooms, examining elements of what it means to be human through fungi related poetry.

Kelly Chadwick
720 W. Park Place
Spokane, WA 99205

Posted on Interversity.Org
October 18, 2007

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