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Submissions :: Cezanne’s Carrot 2.20.08

From Editors Barbara Jacksha & Joan Kremer: Cezanne’s Carrot is now reading for its 2008 Spring Equinox edition and beyond. Deadline for the spring issue is midnight, February 20, 2008 (US Mountain time). Current needs: fiction (short stories and flash), creative nonfiction, and visual art. We’re especially interested in work with a metaphysical bent – work that pushes beyond the physical world as we know it. Full submission guidelines, including the email addresses for submitting work, are available at the website.

Cezanne’s Carrot publishes high-quality literary work that explores spiritual, transformational, visionary, or contemplative themes. We are most interested in the personal quest for evolution and understanding, whether that quest takes place within the context of a religious tradition, an inner temple of your own making, or a seemingly mundane neighborhood or backyard. Cezanne’s Carrot appears quarterly, each Equinox and Solstice, in alignment with the Earth’s rhythms.

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