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Submissions :: Barrelhouse 3.17.08

Never a boring submission period at Barrelhouse, that’s for sure. This time around? Roller Derby.

“That’s right: roller derby! Send fiction, essays, poems, whatever you got. Barrelhouse will select one winner who will receive original art created by Cory Oberndorfer, a genuine roller derby artist. Finalists will be published in our Very Special Roller Derby Section, which will be included in our next print issue.”

But that’s not all! Barrelhouse will select one work to be the inspiration for the cover art: “The one we like best (aka, “The Winner”) will recieve original artwork from Cory Oberndorfer, who creates (among other things) roller derby related art. Cory’s piece will take it’s inspiration from your work. This essentially means that you will become immortalized in two formats: your roller derby writing will appear in the pages of Barrelhouse, and will also be celebrated in or serve as inspiration for Cory’s work. Which will also be the cover of the next issue of Barrelhouse.”

What are you waiting for? Deadline is March 17, 2008.

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