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Steel Toe Review Print Volume

The online magazine Steel Toe Review has just put out volume 2 of their print series. Some of the best work they published online in 2012 is featured in this issue. It also features never-before-published illustrations. “Our mission has evolved over time, and it may seem contradictory to an outsider,” writes M. David Hornbuckle in the editor’s note. “We call ourselves a journal of contemporary Southern arts and literature, but what we publish often extends well beyond the Mason-Dixon line. Ideally, we think of ourselves as a bridge to connect the established with the new, the traditional with the experimental, and the Southern with (not just the Northern, but) the world without borders. Our home is Birmingham, Alabama, in a sense, but it is also the internet, and in every literal and metaphorical sense, the internet is about making connections. And so that is what we do.”

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