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Silverman’s Story Offered to Readers

From David and Robin at Blue Cubicle Press:

Blue Cubicle Press announces the publication of our tenth hour of Overtime: “The Home Front” by Paul Silverman, a story of war, racism, and courage set in the kitchen of a Boston deli.

Paul lost his battle with depression this past August, which we discovered while preparing his story for print. You can read a little about Paul’s life in this article from The Boston Globe.

In honor of Paul’s passing, we’d like to offer his story for the cost of a first class stamp. Send us a stamp (no letter needed, we’ll know what it’s for), and we’ll send you a copy. You can also log on to our site and order a copy of “The Home Front” for a dollar (the extra money will help cover the PayPal fee).

For you teachers out there – or book clubbers – we’re offering 10 copies of Paul’s story for $5.00.

Blue Cubicle Press
P.O. Box 250382
Plano, TX 75025-0382

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