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Sentence Book Award Winner

Sentence has announced Catherine Sasanov the winner of the inaugural Sentence Book Award. Her winning poetry collection Had Slaves will be out in 2009.

The semi-finalists for the Sentence Book Awards are:

WoO, by Renee Angle
Let Me Open You a Swan, by Deborah Bogen
Backwards Rapture, by Cindy Carlson
They Say This is How Death Came Into the World, by Paul Dickey
I am going to clone myself then kill the clone and eat it, by Sam Pink
Post Moxie, by Julia Story
The finalists are:

Some Odd Afternoon, by Sally Ashton
All of Us, by Elisabeth Frost
The Clem System, by Andrew Neuendorf
Dear Editor, by Amy Newman
Aqueduct, by Leanne Tonkin
The Infinite War, by Tom Whalen

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