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Self Publish in the News

Victoria Strauss on Writer Beware Blogs! responds to the recent flurry of mainstream news articles on self-publishing, and “The Need for Balance.” Strauss notes that “articles on self-publishing often follow a similar formula” and include:

1. Pick a rare instance of self-publishing success
2. Segue to the growth of self-publishing and the great possibilities it offers for budding authors, while taking a swipe at the commercial publishing industry
3. Toss out a few random facts about self-publishing
4. Mix in some boosterish quotes from representatives of self-pub companies
5. Feature a happy self-pubbed author
6. Conclude (explicitly or by implication) that “traditional” publishing is [pick one] dead/dying/running scared

For more “balance” – WB offers highly informative page on self-publishing, which includes the pros and cons, sales statistics, issues to consider, and advice on if you decide to move forward with SP/POD, as well as further resources to help you educate yourself. Check it out here.

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