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Scholarly Journals :: Works and Days

Published by the English Department at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Works and Days provides a scholarly forum for the exploration of problems in cultural studies, pedagogy, and institutional critique, especially as they are impacted by the transition from print to electronic environments. Each issue of the journal is organized around specific inquiries conducted as shared disciplinary or postdisciplinary research projects. Works and Days aims to serve not only as a forum for collaborative research and teaching, but also as an environment in which mutual inquiries may flourish.

Issues include:

Academic Freedom and Intellectual Activism in the Post-9/11 University
v26-27, 2008-2009

The Society for Critical Exchange–Phase 1: 1975-1988
v25, 2007

Intellectual Intersections: Ethnic and Racial Crossings
v24, 2006

Richard Ohmann: A Retrospective
v23, 2005

Capitalizing on Play: The Politics of Computer Gaming
v22, 2004

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