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Sarah McNally “Downright Batty”

Canadian radio reporter David Gutnick has put together both a radio report and web story on 28-year-old Sarah McNally, whose parents founded McNally-Robinson, one of Canada’s largest independent bookstores. Sarah McNally opened The McNally-Jackson Store in New York, a store that supplies home businesses with “Goods for The Study.” This is McNally’s second business venture, her first a bookstore in Soho. Gutnick interviews McNally and a number of customers and employees in his 19-minute radio documentary: Sarah McNally, “Another Hipster In The Business: God Help Me.” It’s wonderful to hear McNally’s perspective on “the reading life,” how she started her bookstore in the wake of many other indie closings, and how she doesn’t feel Amazon is her competitor since what she offers is the human experience we can’t get online. The hipster quote, by the way, is  from McNally herself.

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