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Safety Pin Review Poetry Contest

A unique concept to start, Safety Pin Review pushes the boundaries further with its first ever contest. To begin, understand that SPR is a biweekly that ‘publishes’ works of 30 words or less by hand painting them on a cloth patch and having them worn by a poetry operative (a collective network of authors, punks, thieves, and anarchists) everywhere they go for one week.

For their contest, they will accept poems of up to 75 characters. SPR writes: “The winning piece will be painted onto a patch, which will then be distributed to 4-5 operatives around the country/world, who will wear it simultaneously for a week. The patch will be designed in a form very different from all of our past issues. I can assure you: it won’t be anything like we’ve done before. In addition, the work will be published digitally as an issue of the Safety Pin Review, with accompanying action photos and commentary by the operatives. Finally, later on down the line, it will be made into a t-shirt, which will be given free to the winning author and be available to all for purchase.”

For more information, see the SPR website, and if you’re concerned about the submission fee, rest assured, “There is no entry fee, because that’s not punk at all.”

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