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Question on “Multiple Submissions”

A note from Yelizaveta P. Renfro: “Thank you for your recent post on ‘Bruce Guernsey and Multiple Submissions.’ I am wondering, however, about the term ‘multiple submissions.’ In my understanding, the term ‘simultaneous submission’ means that a piece has been submitted to more than one magazine or journal at the same time — which is what is being described in the post. The term ‘multiple submission,’ I believe, means submitting more than one work to the same magazine or journal at the same time, though it seems to me that this term is often misused. There are a number of markets that do make a distinction between the two, including Third Coast and Rattle. Other journals, however, seem to confuse the terms or use them interchangeably.”

Thanks for your question/comment Yelizaveta. I’ll open this one up for comments/conversation.

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