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PPP the Place for Small Ventures

Started by Mathias Svalina and Zach Schomburg, Press Press Press is a “blog-shop for small poetry presses and journals” and features poetry, chapbooks, journals, and “things.” The are multiple contributors to the blog, and when I contacted Mathias to ask about how it works, he replied: “Ideally PPP should be viral. All members have administrative power & have been encouraged to invite whomever they think would be a good fit to be a part of it. Zach Schomburg & I started it as a place to be able to check in to find about about new releases from micro-presses. I don’t feel like we’re in charge of it, though. The only rules are that presses can only post the latest releases, no back catalog, & there should be no ‘bloggy’ posts.” Definitely worth a look and keeping an eye on.

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