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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates 1973–1982
by Joyce Carol Oates
Edited by Greg Johnson
HarperCollins, October 14, 2008

“The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates, edited by Greg Johnson, offers a rare glimpse into the private thoughts of this extraordinary writer, focusing on excerpts written during one of the most productive decades of Oates’s long career. Far more than just a daily account of a writer’s writing life, these intimate, unrevised pages candidly explore her friendship with other writers, including John Updike, Donald Barthelme, Susan Sontag, Gail Godwin, and Philip Roth. It presents a fascinating portrait of the artist as a young woman, fully engaged with her world and her culture, on her way to becoming one of the most respected, honored, discussed, and controversial figures in American letters.”

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