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Poetry Trading Cards @ AWP

In addition to their twice annual, large-format (8.5×11) literary journal, Fact-Simile is now in their fourth year of publishing Poetry Trading Cards. Each card features a full-color front with a photograph of the poet and the poem printed on the back using traditional trading card stock. Each card comes in an archival quality plastic sleeve and can be purchased for 99 cents each or $10 for the year (+s/h). You can still subscribe now and get the “back issues” as well as receive monthly delivery for the remainder of the year.

I was thrilled when I learned that a number of the Trading Card Poets would be signing cards at the Fact-Simile table at AWP Boston. I’ve been a subscriber from the start, so picked out the cards, printed the signing schedule, and for three days, I haunted the Fact-Simile staff regularly throughout each day! I was their most obsessed fan, I’m sure of it, and was tolerated with kindness and humor each time I ran back and forth (several times to catch Hoa Nguyen, who in addition to signing cards was giving tarot readings in the aisle way).

My diligence paid off as I was able to meet and have cards signed by Charles Bernstein, Marcella Durand, K. Silem Mohammad, Hoa Nguyen, Jena Osman, Vanessa Place, Elizabeth Robinson, and Lewis Warsh. Huge thanks to Fact-Simile for creating and keeping this series going. It’s a treat to get one of these in the mail each month. And thanks for the signing, for obsessed fans like me it was a great opportunity!

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