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Poetry East “Origins”

Poetry East‘s Spring 2013 issue focuses on the composition process with the special “Origins,” in which “poets revisit their poems and consider the circumstances under which the poem was written.” Editor Richard Jones writes, “these extraordinary poems and wise essays of ‘Origins’ collectively articulate my belief that poetry is—must be—passionate, urgent, necessary, and deeply human.”

Featured poets include George Bilgere, Michael Blumenthal, Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Jared Carter, Susanna Childress, Stephen Dunn, James Galvin, Chris Green, Rob Griffith, Jeff Gundy, Andrew Hudgins, Meg Kearney, Kathleen Kirk, Ted Kooser, Jay Leeming, Linda Pastan, Donald Platt, Susan Blackwell Ramsey, James Reiss, Danielle Sellers, Clemens Starck, Mark Turcotte, Leslie Ullman, Connie Wanek, C. K. Williams, Jeff Worley, and Bill Zavatsky.

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