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Photography :: John King Used Books

John King Used Books, located at 901 West Lafayette Boulevard, Detroit, MI, is the subject of a recent photo essay by LAWRENCEcreative. While I often will be sure I have a list of indie and used bookstores to check out while visiting cities, John King Used Books is the kind of place you make the destination of your visit. Unassuming from the outside, it’s like stepping into an alternative universe when you walk through the doors – and one where book people (especially collectors) feel incredibly at home.

As LAWRENCEcreative writes:

“No matter what type of book you may be looking for the next time, it is my suggestion that you forego the trip to Borders or Barnes & Noble, and take a trip to see this place. Upon walking in, and after you have picked your jaw up off the floor, be sure to introduce yourself at the front desk and ask for a map to the 4 floors of adventure. Or, as I have done numerous times, just wander. Let yourself get lost between the shelves and discover something you never knew existed. Find a dark corner with enough light and open up that copy of T.H. White’s ‘Sword in the Stone’, and get away from all the economy bullshit of our daily lives. It will reenergize your soul.”

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