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Petitions Anyone? Everyone?

I just came across this site – Care2.com – “the largest online community for healthy and green living, human rights and animal welfare” – and I’m not sure what I think about it. I can’t find a lot on the site about whose behind it, tracking, etc. Anybody know?

It seems you can create your own petitions to have people come and sign, and you can certainly find a lot of them to sign yourself if you’d like. I’d venture to say you could spend an entire day here signing petitions. But I’m not clear on what every happens to these. Do they work? Or, are they like joining an activist group on Facebook, where everyone can see you signed up, but so what?

There’s plenty of other cool stuff on this site, like the “dail action” which makes readers aware of something they can actually do that will make a difference (esp. if enough people do it) – for example, today it was making your own coffee/tea at home rather than buying it out in a disposable cup. Okay, not terribly original, but it helps that the site includes statistics on how much waste is created and how much money an individual could save. If nothing else, it seems educational.

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