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Our Stories Announces Changes to the Magazine

In the most recent issue of Our Stories, an online magazine that gives personalized feedback for each submission received, Editor-in-Chief Alexix E. Santi announces big changes in the way the magazine is run. He said that they will no longer publish “a finite cache of authors on a quarterly basis after the summer 2012 issue.” He said that the last issue will be the one for the already collected pieces for the Flash Fiction contest.

He goes on to explain their new approach: “In the fall of 2012 we will begin our new business model which will be the publishing of revised short stories that we have worked on in a souped up new website. Everyone who does a workshop with us at Our Stories (no matter the length of that workshop) will have one of their short stories published by our staff. We will publish one of the final drafts (if the workshop has more than one story) and a PDF version of the first draft that had our edits in the manuscript, you’ve seen these PDF versions before and there is a fancy YouTube video here that shows you how we go about editing a manuscript. So, we’re still publishing short stories but we’re trying to find a more direct way to show you the readers what we do. You, the readers will have the opportunity to see not only the final edited manuscript but we will be publishing the initial feedback that we gave to the writer as a marked up PDF. While this brings up moral / litjournal / hyperventilating / rheumatic fever thoughts in my mind of a pay-to-play scenario at Our Stories, I believe it is more of our true business model.”

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