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Odyssey Fans: College Lit Special Issue

College Literature Volume 38 Number 2, Spring 2011 is a special issue dealing Homer’s Odyssey and more specifically with the second half of the Odyssey (books 13-24), which in Homeric scholarship has been much debated since P.W. Harsh’s 1950 article “Penelope and Odysseus in Odyssey XIX.” The special issue includes essays by Edwin D. Floyd (“Linguistic, Mycenaean, and Iliadic Traditions Behind Penelope’s Recognition of Odysseus”), Bruce Louden (“Is There Early Recognitions between Penelope and Odysseus?; Book 19 in the Larger Context of the Odyssey“), Steve Reece (“Penelope’s ‘Early Recognition’ of Odysseus from a Neoanalytic and Oral Perspective”), Scott Richardson (“The Case for the Defense”), John Vlahos (“Homer’s Odyssey: Penelope and the Case for Early Recognition”), and Naoko Yamagata (“Penelope and Early Recognition: Vlahos, Harsh and Eustathius”).

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