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Nonfiction from Identity Theory by J.D. Riso

No Taking Pictures
by J. D. Riso
September 5, 2007

“Here. Eat this,” my sister Stephanie says as she plucks a small green fruit-looking thing from a street vender’s cart.

I look at it for a moment. The middle of the fruit is hollowed out and stuffed with a white paste.

“It’s betel nut. The white stuff is a stimulant. Some say it’s cocaine, but I doubt it. It does give you a good rush, though.” She waits. “Don’t worry. It won’t stain your teeth red, unless you mix it with this green mustard paste.”

I take a breath and pop it into my mouth. At least she hasn’t tried to make me eat the fish eyes or chicken feet for sale in the night markets of Taipei.

I chew on the nut as we walk through the garishly lit streets, searching for Snake Alley…[read the rest on Identity Theory]

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