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Nimrod Literary Awards 2013

Nimrod‘s latest issue features the winners from their Literary Awards for 2013, under the issue theme “Hunger & Thirst.” Winners were selected from among 560 poetry manuscripts and 406 short stories.

The Pablo Neruda Prize in Poetry

FIRST PRIZE: Sarah Crossland, “Safranschou” and other poems

SECOND PRIZE: Lynn Shoemaker, “In My Native Home” and other poems


Don Judson, “Chemo” and other poems
Daniel Lusk, “Weights and Measures” and other poems
Julie Taylor, “Hungry Lake” and other poems

The Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Fiction

FIRST PRIZE: Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry, “Boys on the Moskva River”

SECOND PRIZE: Jacob Appel, “Paracosmos”


Roberta Haas George, “A Small Fortune”
John Haggerty, “The Last Detail”
Alison Moore, “Safe House”

See a list of finalists and semi-finalists here.

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