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Magazine Stand :: Nimrod – Spring/Summer 2023

Nimrod International Journal Spring Summer 2023 cover image

NImrod International Journal‘s Spring/Summer 2023 issue, Body Language, explores any and all ideas about the body. Indeed, this issue’s title may say “the body,” but the editors especially wished to acknowledge and embrace that there is no one body, that our bodies, the way we use them, and the way they feel, span an astonishing range of experience. Each of us lives in and as a particular body, and each of our bodies has its own stories to tell, and the stories told in these pages, whether as poems, creative nonfiction, or short fiction, demonstrate this idea with grace, wit, insight, honesty, and tenderness. Also in this issue, readers will find the winners and honorable mentions of the sixth Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers, which honor the work of talented emerging writers.

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