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New Press on the Block :: Rescue Press

Daniel Khalastchi, visiting Assistant Professor at Marquette University Department of English has teamed up with poet Caryl Pagel to start a unique small press and have just released their first book, Marc Rahe’s poetry collection, The Smaller Half.

Rescue Press publishes work by activists, artists, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, list-makers, philosophers, poets, scientists, writers, and creative thinkers of all kinds. They are interested in small collections of artwork, comics, compositions, essays, experiments, how-tos, interrogations, lectures, lists, manifestos, notes, outlines, poetry, procedures, questions, reviews, sketches, stories, technical prose, textbooks, travel writing, and more. As their byline says: “Rescue Press is a library of chaotic and investigative work.”

Rescue Press is based out of Milwaukee and will have an open reading period soon hopes to publish three more books within the next calendar year (fiction, non-fiction, maybe more poetry, etc.).

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