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New Poetry Editor

Sou’wester‘s Fall 2012 issue has a new poetry editor: Stacey Lynn Brown. Editor Valerie Vogrin writes that as long as she has been with the journal, she has been learning new ways to think about poetry and how to assemble a publication. “The opportunity to collaborate with Stacey is no exception to this happy furthering of my literary education,” she says.

“The way we work things,” she continues, “I don’t generally see the poems until it’s time to lay out the entire issue. As that day approaches, I work with our talented roster of readers to select a complementary array of stories and essays, my anticipation rising. I am like the co-hostess of an elaborate gala who is forced to wait for months on end for the other half of the invitation list to be revealed. I have a sense of what kind of party it will be based on my accumulating choices, but until we’ve assembled all the guests and finalized the seating arrangement, so to speak, neither of us knows exactly what the season’s bash with bring.”

But now that it’s here, we know that the party guests include Alex Fabrizio, Angie Macri, Cynthia Manick, Nikki Zielinski,Jenna Bazzell, Elyse Fenton, James Ellenberger, Seth Abramson, Thomas Hawks, Scott Weaver, Lance Wilcox, Jon Pearson, Jeff Martin, Randall Brown, Jessica Afshar, Corey Ginsberg, and more. To see the whole guest list, you’ll have to invite yourself to the party, and go get an issue.

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