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New Podcast :: All Write Already!

All Write Already! is a “completely unpretentious” literary podcast hosted by Karen Shimmin and Willy Nast, with episodes posted on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month and available free on iTunes.

Each 30-40 minutes episode features a reading and interview with a guest writer. Past guests have included Shannon Cason, Stephen Markley, Alyson Lyon, David Stuart MacLean, Samantha Irby, Adam McOmber, Claire Zulkey, Christine Sneed, Randy Richardson, Jen Bosworth, Patricia Ann McNair, Keith Ecker, James Finn Garner, Amina Gautier, J.W. Basilo, Samula Park, and Rebecca Makkai.

Each episode also includes topical discussions, such as The Secrets of Successful Blogs, The People Who Actually Read Your Query Letters, The Return of Short Story Collections, The View from the Slush Pile, Your Brain on Paper vs. Screen and lots more.

All Write Already!” says Nast, “is for writers, readers, or anyone who likes a good story.”

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