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New Online Lit :: Post No Ills

Editor Kyle G. Dargan, formerly of Callaloo, brings Post No Ills to the online and print lit scene, featuring book reviews, book review interviews (cool concept: reviewing a text via a dialogue between you and another writer/artists who has read the same book), author interviews, live event & exhibit reviews, art & photography, and creative written works.

Already on the site is an interview with Abdel Shakur, editor emeritus of the Indiana Review, and a conversation between literary activist and D.C. icon E. Ethelbert Miller and literature scholar Keith D. Leonard. Uche Nduka’s work Eel on Reef is reviewed by Sarah Valentine, and Eve Dunbar reviews Other People’s Property: A Shadow History of Hip-Hop in White America by Jason Tanz.

The site is set up using a social network platform, so participation and conversation is encouraged. Post No Ills accepts submissions of certain works on a regular basis for online posting and will produce an annual “best of” print anthology.

Photo by Comtesse DeSpair – which inspired Post No Ills to accept other images of stencil artwork and photography for their section called “The Wall.”

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