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New Lit Playground :: NetPoetic

NetPoetic digital poetry portal is a new Electronic Literature/Digital Poetry portal founded by Jason Nelson and Davin Heckman. With over 30 writers, thinkers and artists, NetPoetic is a group conversation, updated near daily with posts, news, theory, artworks and all manner of E-Lit related material.

Currently on the site is feature about The Longest Poem in the World “composed by aggregating real-time public twitter updates and selecting those that rhyme. It is constantly growing at ~4000 verses / day. You can see more verses by clicking the three dots at the bottom (• • •) Made by Andrei Gheorghe.” And you can read more about the project on NetPoetic.

Those who want to “play” do need to send in a request, and once approved will receive a user name and password to log into the portal. Plans for later in the year include the first NetPoetic exhibition and a peer reviewed journal.

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