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New Lit Online :: Linebreak Poetry Weekly

Edited by Ash Bowen, Johnathon Williams, Ashley McHugh, and Jennifer Jabaily, “Linebreak is an online journal with a bias for good poetry. We look for poems that we wish we had written and take us somewhere we didn’t even know we wanted to go.”

Linebreak is updated each Tuesday and features a single poem for the entire week. Published poems are archived indefinitely. Linebreak accepts only original, previously unpublished poetry. In addition to text, Linebreak publishes audio recordings of all poems. Each poet’s work is read and recorded by another working poet selected by the editors. To that end, Linebreak is always seeking volunteer readers.

Some of the 59 currently posted poems include such authors as Bob Hicok, Bruce Bond, Barry Ballard, D.A. Powell, Dorianne Laux, Zachary Schomburg, Daniel Nester, Carolyn Guinzio, Richard Siken, Anthony Robinson, C. Dale Young, Seth Abramson, Amanda Auchter, Lola Haskins, Quan Barry, Alison Stine, Heather Christle, David Graham, Sandra Beasley, Christina Davis, Ryan Courtwright, Paul Dickey, Jehanne Dubrow, Adam Clay, and many, many more.

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