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New Lit on the WebBlock :: 5th Gear

Originally published in print from October 1993-April 2002 by Andy Fogle with the help of Chris Saywer (author of the zine Ingin the Ooh), 5th Gear dedicated itself to publishing a variety of poetic forms. When Saywer moved, the magazine took a hit in production quality and Fogle hung it up for four years. Now it’s back with the help of Adam Parez and Mark Fitzgerald.

The publication now runs five-poem monthly installments. Fogle notes on the site that they started in January, but only March and April are currently archived online. “In this new format, in addition to poetry, we envision publishing reviews, essays, fiction, and artwork. However, at present, we are only accepting unsolicited poetry; for now, submissions for all other genres are by invitation only.”

Although the publication is online, only paper submissions are accepted. The upshot is the response: “We reply in 3-12 weeks, and comment fairly often; if we like your work, don’t be surprised if that commentary is pretty detailed/specific.”

Additionally, Fogle puts this call out on the site: “I’d also like to reach out to any poets previously published in 5th Gear and old MFA pals. If you have fond memories (or even just decent ones; I fear there are also a few nightmares) of this magazine, just drop me a line at the Schenectady box; I’d love to see your work again.”

For more information, swing by 5th Gear.

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