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New Lit on the Block :: LBJ

The Literary Bird Journal
Avian Life Literary Arts

From The LBJ website: The LBJ is a biannual publication dedicated to birds and creative writing. Its title is drawn from the acronym for “little brown job,” used by birders to describe those difficult-to-identify species, such as many sparrows.

While there are popular magazines (Audubon), scientific journals (The Auk), and other newsletters about birds, The LBJ is a uniquely literary venue, publishing creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, narrative scholarship, and literary journalism of the feathered variety. Additionally, the journal showcases visual art in a full-color insert.

Small, plaintive, and aspiring, The LBJ comes to you in 5.5″ x 8.5″ format that is just the right size to carry into the field alongside your binoculars.

Currently accepting submissions for the 2009 Urb Bird Contest as well as for future publications.

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