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New Lit on the Block :: Dear Sir

Edited by Sandra Huber (a Canadian poet currently living, writing, teaching in Vienna, Austria), Dear Sir is a “nascent online journal created from the want to present innovative, unconventional or emerging voices in literature. It is based around the concept of quality over quantity, and will therefore only feature a clutch of writers in each issue whose work in some way, and somehow, surprises.

Dear Sir, follows an intentionally minimalist layout, where the frame of the page defers to the writing within (where site is retina then writing = iris and page the sclera).

“The idea for Dear Sir, came about while reading Ulysses: if magazines like The Little Review and the Egoist never took a chance on serializing Joyce’s work in 1918, we may never have had it in 1922.”

The premier issue includes works by Benediktas Januševičius, Garry Thomas Morse, James Wilkes, Nathan Horowitz, Stephen Collis, Gloria Personne, and Alfred Noyes.

Dear Sir accepts short or long poems, narratives, fragments, notations of sound poems, marginalia, experiments and manifestos, traditional forms revamped, dialogues, monologues and monosyllables. Dear Sir, leans towards the poetic, the speculative and the cross-genre.

A note on language: work in English, German and French is currently being considered.

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