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New Lit on the Block :: A Cappella Zoo

A Cappella Zoo is a new literary magazine of “experimental and magical realist works” published twice a year by Colin Meldrum (with readers Devori Kimbro, Syndie Allen, Michael Lee, Micah Unice, and Gail Spencer). A cappella Zoo invites submissions of “memorable prose, poetry, drama, and genre-bending works” and are “especially excited about magical realism, bilingualism, and experiments with technique, form, language, thought, truth, dichotomy, and variation.”

Issue 1 Fall 2008 includes:

Drama by Kathy Coudle King

Poetry by Margaret Bashaar, C. E. Chaffin, Yu-Han Chao, Nik De Dominic, Carol Dorf, Justin Hyde, Marc Jampole, Miah Jeffra, Jane Knechtel, J. R. Pearson, Rolli, Omar Singleton, Krysten Tom, Shellie Zacharia

Fiction by Melinda J. Combs, Brendan Connell, Matthew Falk, Heather Fowler, Liza Granville, Tania Hershman, Cicily Janus, Hank Kirton, Drew Lackovic, Allan M. McDonald, Corey Mesler, John Jasper Owens, Patricia Russo, Robert J. Santa, Ben Segal, Noel Sloboda, Lydia Williams

Art by Peter Schwartz

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