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New Issue & Submissions :: Raving Dove

Raving Dove: A Literary Journal
Spring 2008
Issue #12

Featuring: Adina Davis, William Doreski, Ruth Goring, Dixie J-Elder, Michelle Lerner, Paul D. McGlynn, Gregg Mosson, Sheila Murdock, Robert K. Omura, Martin Ott, Michelle Tandoc-Pichereau, CC Thomas, Lily Thomas, Jon Wesick

Raving Dove is an online literary journal dedicated to sharing thought-provoking writing, photography, and art that opposes the use of violence as conflict resolution, and embraces the intrinsic themes of peace and human rights.

Published in February, June, and October, Raving Dove welcomes original poetry, nonfiction essays, fiction, photography, and art, and is now reviewing work for the summer 2008 edition, which will be online on June 21.

Raving Dove, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, also announces the first annual Evolve Beyond Violence Nonfiction Essay Award, accepting nonfiction essays between 600 to 800 words with sentiments that reflect one or more of the following themes: Anti-war, anti-violence, human rights, peace. Your essay can either depict the tragedy of violence and war, or the hope that one day we can evolve beyond it.

See Raving Dove website for more details.

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