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New Issue Online :: GuernicaMag

If you don’t know GuernicaMag, you should! A full-text online magazine of art and politics. In this month’s issue:

Salar Abdoh finishes his three-part series on Iran with “Irrational Waiting” which examines the effects of fuel rationing in Iran;

Nancy Rawlinson investigates a fringe religion in “Are You Abnormal?”, an essay accompanied by a series of photographs called “Church of the Subgenius” by Lucas Thorpe;

In an interview with Robert Pinsky called “Thrilling Difficulty”, Gibson Fay-Leblanc learns how this poet (who would rather not use such a title) nearly became a musician;

In a photo essay series, Ann Tornkvist introduces five photographers over a period of ten weeks on the theme of “Home” and opens with photos by Filippo Mutani;

Guest Poetry Editor Tracy K. Smith selects seven poets to highlight: Cynthia Cruz, Terrance Hayes, Tina Chang, David Semanki, Sean Singer, Aaron Smith, and Kyle Booten.

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