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New Issue Online :: Carve

Carve, Volume 8 Issue 3, Fall 2007 is online now!

Authors and stories include:

“This One Thing” by Jaren Watson
“We cruised back the way we had come with Susan holding the puppy in her lap. Just before we got to the house, Susan turned to me in the car and said, “What the hell kind of animals are llamas, anyway?”

“When My Body Smashed into the Sidewalk” by Yuvi Zalkow
“I might not believe in God, but I do believe in the power of words on a page. I even believe that a story can bring the dead to life. I have to believe that.

“Weekend with the Boy” by Ezra K. E.
“You were born out of great love,” I explain to the boy in trembling sincerity, but he doesn’t seem particularly impressed, head tilting in what could be a shrug. “You were conceived in Rome,” I continue lightly. “That makes you a Roman!”

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