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New Issue Online :: Cadillac Cicatrix

From Executive Editor Benjamin Spencer: “We are very happy to present the second issue of Cadillac Cicatrix, the new, innovative literary and visual art journal based in Carmel Valley, California.

“In this special second installment we focus on a refractive congregate of contemporary life – our multiple behaviors, aspirations, family matters, private contemplations, our public secrets – in an attempt to understand the tender balance between that which is art and that which is personal truth. We examine several themes in plural voices, plural themes in one voice, and everything is very serious. Or is it? Do we mean to say what we mean or what we think will be understood? Did I really want to take that picture? Maybe I should delete it.

“In this issue we focus on focusing; a creative convergenceon the inertia of life’s exponents. From that which speaks of truth to a reality that tricks the eye, the authors and artists in this issue exist beyond their creations and in some instances are outlived by them. Writers and artists in this issue: Bob Arnold, Mary Austin, Frederic Berthoff, Chi Birmingham, Tom Birmingham, Susan Cantrell, Sam Causley, Cid Corman, Shizumi Corman, Rob Couteau, Robert Creeley, Albert Flynn DeSilver, Nora May French, James Fowler, Hugh Fox, Don Fredd, Erin Gafill, Arnold Genthe, Wendy A Goldman, Andrew Grace, Nate Haken, Robinson Jeffers, Diane Katsiaficas, Thomas Larson, Taylor Mali, Kanishka Marasinghe, Chaz Reetz-Laiolo, Katey Schultz, Deirdre Sinnott, Mat Snapp, Sterz, BrianTurner, Kim Weston, Tom Whalen.

“We could not do this and would not be here without our contributors andreaders and we thank you for your support.”

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