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New Issue: Big Ugly

It’s not ugly, but it is BIG!

The Big Ugly Review, Issue 6, “The Body Issue” includes:

Fiction by Peter Orner, Mary Kolesnikova, Wendy Van Landingham, Mark MacNamara, Kristina Moriconi, Chad Morgan, Angela Marino, RG McCartney, Sabrina Tom, Michelle Morrison

Non-fiction by Laura Fraser, Joe Loya, Derek Patton Pearcy, Mimi Ghez, Laura Barcella, Andy Raskin

Poetry by John M. Anderson, Amanda Field, Denise Dooley, Grey Held, Edward Smallfield

Music by Audrey Howard, Sez Giulian, Thomas Kilts, Vanessa Peters

Photo essays by Daniel Hernandez, Stephanie Gene Morgan

Film by Kia Simon (*the most absorbingly gorgeous four minutes you could spend staring at the computer today – trust me – open in your own player to watch full screen for best effect)

Whew! Big!

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