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New from TED

From the TED website: The success of TEDTalks has demonstrated that millions of people around the world are hungry to absorb new ideas. Many of the talks create a desire to go deeper – but not everyone has the time to read an entire book on a subject. TED Books fill that gap. While a traditional book is at least 60,000 words, TED Books, at fewer than 20,000, allow someone to see an idea fleshed out in a satisfying way – but without having to devote a week of reading time to it.

Some TED titles include

Homo Evolutis: Please Meet the Next Human Species by Juan Enriquez & Steve Gullans
The Happiness Manifesto: How Nations and People Can Nurture Well-Being by Nic Marks
Beware Dangerism! Why We Worry About the Wrong Things and What It’s Doing to Our Kids by Gever Tulley
Make Love Not Porn: Technology’s Hardcore Impact on Human Behavior by Cindy Gallop
Weekday Vegetarian: Finally, a Palatable Solution – Graham Hill
Media Makeover: Improving the News One Click at a Time by Alisa Miller
Aftercrimes, Geoslavery, and Thermogeddon: Thought-Provoking Words from a Lexicographer’s Notebook by Erin McKean

TED Books are available from Amazon.com and Apple’s iBookstore, and for the Nook platform. They can be purchased for $2.99 each (US).

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