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New Fandom and Neomedia Studies Journal

The Phoenix Papers is a free, online, peer-reviewed, open-access journal of fandom and neomedia studies from Fandom and Neomedia Studies (FANS) Association.

The editors welcome articles on fandom and media topics as well as reviews of anime, manga, books, movies, video games, TV series, web series, musical albums, performances, and other pop culture media products. They encourage scholars at all levels of achievement, whether affiliated with an institution or independent, to contribute to our journal. Submissions are accepted throughout the year with quarterly publication (January, April, July which also includes their conference proceedings, and October).

The FANS Conference is hosted and sponsored by A-Kon, the longest continually running anime and manga convention in North America.

The Phoenix Papers
Vol 1 No 1
Table of Contents

“Film Review The Runaways” by Penny Spirou

“Game Review DrawSomething” by Amanda Murphyao

“Book Review Fandom at the Crossroads” by Margo Collins

“Distinctive Language of Animation” by Hiren Solanki

“The Evolution of Gaming and How It Affected Society” by Donovan Cape

“The Evolution of Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming” by Gregory Dugger

“Are Pokemon Slaves or Willing Companions” by Andrew Tague

“Collaboration beyond the Game” by Diana Hubbard

“Gender, Sexuality, and Cosplay” by Rachel Leng

“Transnational Television, International Anxieties” by Jessica Julia McGill Peters

“Bringing Smexy Back” by Elizabeth Birmingham

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