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Naugatuck River Review 2013 Contest

Naugatuck River Review‘s Winter 2013 issue features the winners of their fourth annual Narrative Poetry Contest, judged by Pamela Uschuk.

First Prize
Diane Lockward “Original Sin”

Second Prize
Doug Ramspeck “Idle Signs”

Third Prize
Bianca Diaz “The Light in the Dark”

Lauren K. Alleyne “Dear Christopher”
John Victor Anderson “El Lagarto”
Lana Hechtman Ayers “In My Dreams I Draw Circles But None Of Their Edges Touch”
Wendy Burbank “Frederick”
Judith Waller Carroll “Pas de Deux”
Beth Copeland “Blue Honey”
Maureen Tollman Flannery “Selling the Ranch”
Veronica Golos “China Town Fish Market, New York, Circa Unknown”
Paul Hostovsky “Del Nelmezzo”
Brenna LeMieux “On Mending”
Mary Leonard “Tel Aviv Sonnet”
Taylor Mali “What the Whispering Means”
Thomas R. Moore “Pinus Strobus”
Roger Pfingston “Divorce”
Gail Thomas “Flame”
Lauren Wolk “Wolf Hollow, Pennsylvania”
Lisa Wujnovich “Cynthia”

To view a complete list of the semi-finalists, please click here.

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