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Narrative Medicine

Two related pieces from MedPage Today:

A Love Story, in Print and in the Clinic
Kistina Fiore’s special report on the practice of medical professionals and writing. Includes interviews with editors and contributors from The Healing Muse, Bellevue Literary Review, Ars Medica, Creative Nonfiction, and Third Space. Also includes a video interview with BLR’s publisher, Dr. Martin Blaser.

Fiore writes: “Physicians are, by virtue of their profession, enmeshed in the human condition, so it’s not surprising that many are drawn to literature…Moreover, there is an increasing recognition of the value of the reflective process involved in writing as a means of honing a healer’s skill.”

Narrative Medicine and the Godfather

An excerpt from Kristina Fiore’s interview with Lee Gutkind.

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