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Name Your Essetial Biopunk Pick

Toward a list of essential readings in biopunk fiction
From Enter the Octopus
September 13, 2008

Enter the Octopus has invited readers to add their “essential biopunk” pick to the list already started on the site. Not sure what that means? According to ETO:

“Biopunk is a subcategory of futuristic science fiction characterized by an emphasis on the plasticity of the flesh, genetic modification and self-determination, a blurring of the lines between human, post-human and animal hybrids, and the utilization of biological/genetic technologies to manipulate the external environment and body for reasons both practical – security, hazard mitigation – and aesthetic. The biopunk environment may be dystopian or utopian depending on the ways in which these technologies may be utilizied. While biopunk fiction may also incorporate other science fiction and technological elements – artificial intelligence, cyber-enhancements, alien contact – most of the problems and solutions posed by the narrative will find their origin in humanity’s dabbling in genetic and biological technology.”

Read the rest on ETO.

[via Gerry Canavan]

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