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Monologues! Get Your Monologues Here!

Editor-in-Chief [Sir] Tristram Stjohn Bexindale-Webb along with a staff that is a bit difficult to identify for certain other than Irish/American playwright and prose writer K.D. Halpin, have created a blog publication of monologues – The Good Ear Review: A Dramatists Literary Journal. Accepting submissions of “comedy, drama, and all the complexities in between” from both new and established writers, The Good Ear Review hopes to attract writers just as much as readers who will share in the idea that “monologues that are not only enjoyable to watch and/or listen to, but equally enjoyable to read. And read again.”

Currently featured on the site are monologues by Erin Austin, Claire Balfour, Andrew Biss, Kyle Bradstreet, Laura Camaione, Daragh Carville, Con Chapman, John Clancy, Doug Dolcino, John Hadden, K.D. Halpin, Alistair Hewitt, Eric Holmes, Penny Brandt Jackson, Jonathan Joy, Wayne Paul Mattingly, John McCann, Joshua Mikel, Robert Michael Morris, Benjamin Adair Murphy, LaTonia Phipps, Donald Steele, Dwight Watson, and Michael Weems.

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