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Menda City Review on Hiatus

Menda City Review Founding Editor Terry Rogers writes, “It’s been a pleasure to see this little literary project I started more than five years ago grow to the mature collection of letters that it is today. But, well, my fire for this project is burning out. Upon completion of this issue, number eighteen, I’ll be taking an indefinite break from the publication of MCR. The site itself and all its contents will remain intact – I care far too much for our contributors to allow their creations to vanish, and the cost of publication has been paid for this year. There is a chance that I’ll catch my breath and resume afresh in 2012 – I am allowing for that possibility. At this point, however, I’m leaning more toward finding a suitable and reasonably-competent publisher (or college) to whom I can relinquish complete ownership and control. If you have any sincere ideas for me, please share them in an email, and I’ll certainly consider them.”

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