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Memoir Says Goodbye

With the publication of issue 14, Memoir has decided to say goodbye to its years of readers and writers. “Despite the fact that Memoir has continued to grow, that we gain more readers each month and attract scintillating submissions from well known writers as well as new and emerging writers, we will be turning out the lights and locking the office door,” writes Editor Claudia Sternbach . “Our primary source of funding has ended. But we are forever indebted to them for their generosity over these past few years. Not only were we able to publish 14 issues of Memoir, but we were able to offer workshops and publication through our (In)Visible Memoir project. And who knows, miracles do happen. Sometime in the future a Phoenix may rise from these ashes.”

From what I can see, issues are not archived online, and you cannot purchase the issues. However, there is an email address for business inquiries on their new site.

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