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Mary Hood Special Feature

The new issue of The Georgia Review contains a special issue about Mary Hood (“How She Went Further”). The feature contains a piece of her fiction titled “Some Stranger’s Bed” alongside a lengthy interview conducted by William Walsh and titled “The Woman Who Almost Bolted.” This is followed by Hood’s “I Seem to Write You Everything: Selected Letters to Stanley W. Lindberg, 1982-89,” with an introduction by Douglas Carlson and commentary by Stephen Corey, and Hood’s “Breaking It” essay.

The issue also features an essay by Nancy Geyer; fiction by Lynn Schmeidler and Ginger Eager; poetry by David Clewell, Andrea Hollander, Lola Haskins, Alice Friman, Albert Goldbarth, and Anna Silver; art by Amze Emmons; and reviews by Kevin Clark, Matthew Bryant Cheney, and Gary Kerley.

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