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Major Jackson Guest Edits

The Spring 2013 issue is guest edited by Major Jackson who said work with the collection was “restorative and personally nurturing.” The issue features work from Martín Espada, Tony Hoagland, Sharon Olds, Carl Phillips, Tracy K. Smith, Laura Kasischke, and many more.”

In his introduction, Jackson writes, “The authors in this issue entertain, bring the news, and elegantly sing the underlying complexities of our existence. However, maybe even more notably, as Spicer suggests: against all that alienates us from each other, these authors, with their counterpunching visions and imaginative uses of language, render us more a community—flawed beyond belief, yet whose humanity is all the more striking because of our joyous nature to find redemption, to grasp and render all that is sublime, beautiful, and truthful.”

For the rest of the introduction and to see and read snippets from the issue, visit www.pshares.org.

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