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Main Street Rag Editor Changes

The Main Street Rag magazine explains in their current issue that Richard Allen Taylor will be taking over as the magazine’s review editor. “Richard will be retiring from his day job March 31 and going back to school to earn his MFA,” writes Editor M. Scott Douglass. “So, while other students may be working a day job to complete their Masters, he hopes to be a full time student with projects like this on the side.”

In the issue itself, featured is an interview with MSR Poetry Book Award Winner Colin D. Halloran; fiction by Mackenzie Evan Smith, Terresa Haskew, John Christopher Lloyd, and Eric V. Neagu; and poetry by Steve Abbott, Phillip Barron, Llyn Clague, Joan Colby, Lyle Daggett, Davis Enloe, Robert Gamble, Logan C. Jones, Mike Jurkovic, Dan Memmolo, Leland March, Brady Rhoades, Maria Rouphail, Scott Vanya, Travis Venters, and more.

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